“You hate me, don’t you? You hate me so much you’re scared shitless! You see, a man tears the wings off a bird and he hates it because it can’t fly and then it scares him because he doesn’t know what it’s good for- floppin’ around on the floor like a fish…”

A lawyer who has failed to save native land from a logging company is kidnapped by a Native American (Canadian?) with the head of the logging company and tortured for his complicity in the crimes of his people against the original owners of the land.

Like if Michael Haneke directed “Dead Man”, this obscure but incredible thriller is the purest, angriest exploration of “white guilt” and the damage of the New World. This is all about the hypocritical myth of the white saviour, and it, even and maybe especially now, feels dangerous. Grahame Greene plays the (possibly imagined) kidnapper here, and he is a sarcastic force of danger, utterly phenomenal.

Somehow relegated mostly to a VHS release in the early 90s, this deserves a serious cult audience. Ignore the awful/amazing/bargain bin cover art and check out this truly hidden gem on YouTube.


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