“It’s not a game. Not something you play.”

This is the sexiest film I’ve ever seen. It’s so smooth, so playfully edited, so sharply written, and so, so, so full of gorgeous people smirking at each other.

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez play a bank robber and his chasing federal agent who somehow end up falling for each other. Around them is a genuinely clever and funny crime story (courtesy of novelist Elmore Leonard and screenwriter Scott Frank).

I could talk about the wonderful, post-Pulp Fiction structure or the performances, each and every one of which gets a great moment to shine. I could talk about a lot, but I won’t, because nothing more needs to be said than a mere mentioning of the centrepiece scene.

Clooney and Lopez meet at a bar in the middle of a snow storm, and they talk. They try to ignore their situation. And suddenly, he touches her hand on a glass of whiskey, and the actions begins flipping between them at the bar and them later, as they undress. Back and forth, back and forth, chronology as a flirtatious acknowledgement of their time-stopping chemistry. It’s fucking masterful, honestly, worthy of admission alone, maybe the best edited scene I have ever witnessed. That scene is all that matters.

The two most beautiful people on the planet undressing over a glass of whiskey-shaded romance.


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