Lucio Fulci’s bizarro nightmare The Beyond is so strange and delightfully gory that its many, many flaws somehow end up adding to its atmosphere and horror.
The plot moves forward with what could charitably be called efficient use of ellipsis but realistically be called a disregard for logic and pace. The dubbing (why don’t Italians use synched sound? Seriously someone tell me I’ve never understood it.) makes the disconnect from reality more palatable. The protracted death scenes, while never having any distinct sense of realism, have dream-like power that comes from their refusal to tether themselves to our world.
But these same flaws that create incidental moments of terror still took me out of the experience. Unlike the best film’s of say, Lynch, where the disregard for logic allowed me to get swept up in the experience, The Beyond’s broken narrative constantly removed me and forced me to intellectualise the film. So, while there is a great deal to enjoy here (and I’m glad I bought the blu Ray from a smelly guy at a film fair), my recommendation comes with a heavy limit.


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